Get certified in Electro Scan and learn how to find defects missed by legacy inspection techniques, like acoustic inspections and CCTV. Want to grow your business? Earn Your Master’s Certificate in Electro Scan and get qualified for competitive bids and RFPs to certify CIPP qualifications.

Electro Scan’s ES-620 Online Training Course is to be completed prior to Office and Field Training in order to provide a deeper understanding of technology applications, including separate sections on Introductory, Basic Training, Key Components, Field Operations and Practical Applications. Each section features a number of topics, including the latest case studies from the field.

The course concepts are guided by ASTM 2550-13, Locating Leaks in Sewer Pipes By Measuring the Variation in Electrical Current Flow Through the Pipe Wall, and the Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection System, 7th Edition, Chapter 5.6: Inspecting and Testing Collection Systems – Electro Scan.

The goal of the ES-620 Online Training Course is to provide an extensive system of questions to not only prepare users for Field Operations with Electro Scan, but to provide general knowledge of how Electro Scan fits into the pipeline assessment industry. The course includes 250 fully interactive questions, featuring images, videos, examples, and downloadable samples.

Upon course completion, Directors, Engineers, Managers, and Field Operators who become ES-620 Master Certified, add a pipeline assessment industry certification to their credentials.

Online Course Road Map
Field OperationsPractical Applications